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We help individuals and businesses eliminate debt with bankruptcy

Our goal is to give you a financial fresh start. By eliminating debt, you will have peace of mind and more options for a better financial future. We have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses eliminate debt through bankruptcy.

Services We Provide

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – For individuals and businesses, this is a way to eliminate all debt in 3-4 months.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – For individuals, this allows you to keep your assets and make a payment plan on your debt that lasts 3-5 years.

Bankruptcy for Small Businesses – If you have a small business, you could file chapter 11;  however, if your business qualifies for chapter 13, it can be less expensive and a quicker option if you need to get operations moving sooner. We are not handling chapter 11 cases right now, but contact us to see if you qualify for chapter 13.  Basic requirements:

  • Your business must be a Sole proprietorship (not a corp, partnership…)
  • You owe less than ~$384k in unsecured debt (credit card, medical…)
  • You owe less than ~$1,150k in secure debt (car loan, mortgage, loans backed by collateral…)

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